Wellness Wednesday 5/12 - International Nurses Day

Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale!

Today, May 12th, is International Nurses Day, and DealCaptains wants to show our heartfelt appreciation to all nurses as they are selfless warriors!

This day commemorates nurses all over the world as this is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

This year, after coming out of an incredibly challenging 2020, this year’s theme is: Nursing the World to Health. We can all learn from nurses to be compassionate and strong for those that need us most. Many in the travel industry have similar traits as nurses, as we

are here to serve others (our customers/clients) and to keep their best interests front of mind.

We want to give special recognition to the traveling nurses who selflessly come to so many people’s aid under such extreme circumstances. It is hard enough to travel and care for others in normal circumstances. To be able to be your best for your patients and fellow co-workers, it is so important to take care of yourself to be the best version of you each day.

This link from travelnursing.org provides 10 great tips to stay healthy while on assignment: https://www.travelnursing.org/10-tips-to-fit-in-exercise-as-a-travel-nurse/

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