Trust Your Gut! Healthy digestion improves physical and mental wellbeing!

Wednesday Wellness by Michelle Rossow of DealCaptains - DCX

How many times have you looked back and realized you should have trusted your gut? Usually, it will tell you what the right decision is whether you listen or not. However, when your gut is not happy you will know it for sure, but if you ignore it, there can be unhealthy consequences. When you are just not feeling right a little bloated with that burning sensation in your chest, it is apparent your gut is not having a good day. Several issues contribute to an unhealthy gut like stress, lack of sleep, diet, and more. The good news is we can change these lifestyle choices if we focus on better self-care to control our overall health. To learn more about signs of an unhealthy gut, and tips on how to keep healthy digestion see the article from I am focused on stress reduction by meditating and am a big fan of staying hydrated. What will you do?

One of my favorite parts of traveling either on a vacation or a business trip is eating at amazing restaurants. What better way to immerse in the local culture than to enjoy a taste of the city or country you visit. However, if you overdo it then you may be spending more time in your hotel room than exploring new sites or learning and networking in meetings. For a better experience while traveling plan ahead to make sure you have a strategy if you have a gut-busting event on the road.

For tips on gut health while traveling, check out the article from Healthline featuring an interview with Dr. Shilpa Ravella, Gastroenterologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. To stay healthy while traveling I drink lots of water and pick up healthy fruits or veggies to snack on at a local store and put in the hotel refrigerator. What do you do to keep your gut happy on the road?

Do you have the guts to make changes in your lifestyle to have a happy tummy vs. a grumpy gut?

See you next week!

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