Time to Get Some ZZZ’s for Better Health- Sleep Wellness

Wellness Wednesday with Michelle Rossow

When our schedules have run amuck as a result of working from home and trying to balance family demands or mindlessly binge-watching shows or playing games, it can be difficult to have a consistent sleep schedule. However, if we don’t get enough sleep we are at a higher risk for health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease to name a few. As if quarantine 15 wasn’t enough!

How many times have you gone to bed only to have your mind rehash everything you could think or worry about? It is difficult to get enough sleep, but when our sleep schedule is consistent with our bedtime and wake-up times it helps and is better for us. Getting enough sleep has been found to improve our mood, concentration, and maintaining a healthy weight, among other benefits. What is enough sleep and why is it important? Check out this CDC article below to see how much sleep you need along with tips for how to improve sleep. It seems like a lofty goal to get 7 hours, but any improvement from where you are now will only help. I am a big fan of getting exercise as it does help sleep! What will you try to improve your sleep?


Anytime you travel, your schedule and sleep rhythms will be disrupted along with other things like eating habits and exercise, which help improve sleep. As we are getting back to traveling for business and vacations, there are steps we can take in advance of our trip to prepare for the dreaded time zone changes and jet lag sure to ensue.

Hopkins Medicine shares 6 tips for better sleep when traveling in the article below. My trick is to get on local time immediately to help adjust as they suggest. Also, if you have a breathing or meditation app, use it to prepare for bed or even just to destress as deep breathing assists in relaxation slowing down your heart rate, and helps to calm your mind.

What will you do to adapt your sleep schedule while on the road?


Until next week, Stay Well!


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