The Power of Positive Thinking for Better Wellbeing

Wellness Wednesday, by Michelle Rossow, August 18th

Optimism is not thinking life is all unicorns and rainbows with our heads in the clouds. It is understanding reality while having a positive outlook to take on challenges and obstacles. Focusing on positive thoughts can help us cope when life doesn’t go as planned. Staying positive was challenging with the events of the last year and a half. When we focus on the opportunities of a negative situation, we can become more resilient to combat anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that optimistic people have lower stress and live longer. In the article below from the Mayo Clinic, the key ingredient to being positive is to improve your self-talk. Easier said than done as it takes practice to change. It’s time to let go of negative thoughts that don’t serve us anymore!

There is a connection between the mind and body, so our thoughts whether positive or negative impact our health and overall wellness. One of the tips provided by the Hopkins Medicine article below is to reframe negative thoughts to cope with situations more constructively by refocusing your attention. While life has changed for many of us in the last year, instead of focusing on the unsavory components, focus on the lessons and silver linings that have come with the experience. Keeping hope and being optimistic can help your heart and immune system according to the Hopkins Medicine article below.

With the current travel guidelines and mother nature impacting our travel experiences, plan to stay positive. Maybe bring a book you have been wanting to read, or your laptop to catch up on emails or projects in case you are stuck at an airport or must wait for your room to be ready to check-in. Use the potential downtime to your advantage to keep you focused on a positive opportunity rather than ruminating over the delays.

Next time you are stuck in an airport, or your neighbor mows their lawn in the middle of a virtual client presentation, reframe and keep positive thoughts. Just focus on the things you can control so you don’t waste your energy on negativity. Keep up the positive vibes!

See you next week!


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