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Wellness Wednesday with Michelle Rossow

In some ways we are more connected than ever thanks to technology/social media, but why is it that many of us can still feel empty and alone? Technology cannot replace our need for in-person social connections, nor our connection to ourselves and nature to keep our emotions well full.

The isolation of the pandemic changed our dependence on technology to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues. While it served its purpose to help us get through difficult times, there is still no better way to build and maintain relationships than spending time with others face to face.

Social Wellness encompasses how healthy nurturing connections to others can impact our mental health and physical health as well. When we are disconnected or isolated, we are taking risks with our health. Studies have shown that spending time with others in person helps to battle anxiety, depression, enhances empathy, reduces blood pressure, and boosts immunity.

Great article from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) on the importance of human connection and some ideas to become more social. My favorite is to randomly call a friend I have not connected with for a while. What will you do to reach out to someone?


The power of human connection cannot be understated. As we slowly get back to our offices, meetings, and traveling, it will be strange for a while, but we must adapt to the new normal and value these personal connections not only for our health but the health of our industries as well. One of the best ways to connect and develop a relationship is to meet face to face. There is no better than meeting face to face to build trust and show value to a relationship while being able to read all non-verbal cues and get a sense of the person’s personality that is not provided on video, calls, emails nor text.

See the 3 Reasons Why Face to Face is so important from Positiveroutines.com

What is the Importance of Face-to-Face Communication? (positiveroutines.com)

For this Wellness Wednesday, it is time to put down the phone, walk away from the computer, and talk to someone in person! Build your social wellness with personal connections for a better healthier you!

You can’t replace face to face!

See you next week!


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