Strengthen Our Immune System for Better Health

With kids going back to school and fall and winter on our heels, it is a good time to focus on our immune health. Most of the last year and a half has been spent avoiding illness, and the best way to accomplish that is by having a strong immune system. What does that mean? As are most things in life, it requires balance. While there is not a quick fix for health-related improvements, it comes down to those few basic commonalities. Lifestyle has a huge impact on our overall health, including our immune system. These are eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, not smoking, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, lowering stress, while keeping weight at a healthy level. For an interesting perspective on immune systems and how to improve them, see the Harvard Health article below.

According to the article from Cedars-Sinai below, we do not want to improve but balance our immune system as it is the best way to manage a better immune response. Many of us think that taking supplements and herbs will strengthen our immune system, but while it may help our health, it is not boosting our immune response. While it may seem repetitive, choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best way to not only be well but also helps to maintain a balanced immune system.

Strive for balance for immune health! See you next week!

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