Ramp Up Resilience to Manage Stress and Mental Health

We all have endured setbacks and adversity, most notably since 2020. How we coped and overcame our circumstances is reflective of our resilience. Whether it was losing a job or a lifetime career, a sense of purpose, dealing with health issues, or even grieving the loss of a loved one, our resilience is what helps get us through. For some of us, resilience is natural since we were born with it, but we learn it for the rest of us.

It is never too late to build your resilience to better deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. We cannot control or change what happened to us in our past, but we can learn from our experiences and mistakes to avoid being a victim and pull up our bootstraps to forge ahead.

The below article from the Mayo Clinic suggests reaching out to others to connect, which can be healing and deepens our relationships as we empathize and support one another.

An example in a work environment could be team members providing support for those going through a tough time, giving them

time to heal to ensure they are ready to come back full steam. By providing care and support to our employees allows them to manifest resilience during challenging situations.

For ways to improve your resilience, see the article from the Mayo Clinic.


One of my favorites is finding the lesson in the mistake or experience, which helps me move forward. What will you focus on to build your resilience in our changing world?

Survive and thrive! Stay strong,

my friends!

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