Keep it Real, Eat Color

Wednesday Wellness by Michelle Rossow

Keep it Real, Eat Color

Summer is here! Temperatures are warming up and somehow a heavy warm meal does not sound appetizing. It is time to embrace the season with all the beautiful colors of tasty fruits and vegetables! Time to eat a rainbow!

Try jazzing it up by adding color to your dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor and health benefits as well.

It is so easy to grab unhealthy processed foods and snacks when you are in a rush or stuck somewhere with few options.

Processed foods have become commonplace as we are hooked on the convenience and fast fixes they offer, but it is hurting our health. For the benefits of avoiding processed foods, Healthline mentions 21 Reasons to Eat Real Food.


While traveling, the options for nutritious food can be few and far between. However, a little planning will get you ready to eat healthier on the road. Many of us at DealCaptains have our travel rituals, mine is to have a bottle to fill with water, a bag of almonds, and an apple with me for the flight. Charlie would make sure he had a refrigerator in his room to hold veggie/fruit trays and sandwiches he bought at a local market. Anne would use Uber Eats to deliver healthier options when the hotel restaurants were closed, and room service had limited options.

Having a food plan/backup plan when your schedule gets thrown off, which let’s be honest happens all the time when on the road, will avoid those fatty, fast fixes. For more information about how to eat healthier, Harvard Health Publishing has 6 Step to Eating Healthier


My favorites are #2 and #6 which I incorporate regularly. What will you do?

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