Wellness Wednesday – Combatting Brain Fog

Updated: Oct 27

I feel like I am supposed to be blogging something right now, but I cannot remember what it is… OH YEAH! Raise your hands if you have experienced brain fog recently. We have all endured so many changes in the last year, it is understandable that we are distracted, confused, fatigued, forgetful, and losing our train of thought. However, we can take the power of our brain health into our hands.

Have you had difficulty focusing these days? You are not alone, amid the endless hours in video meetings, zoning out on social media, and watching tv shows, we have experienced a build-up of negative emotions like depression, anxiety, and isolation. These negative emotions take more of a toll on daily thinking which you may not recognize. This creates our brain fog, but overall health and wellness have much more to do with your brain health than you may realize.

Now is the time to come out of the fog.

According to the Cleveland Clinic article below, there are six pillars to your brain health. The top two are consistent exercise and a healthy diet. By deciding to make changes to your lifestyle, you can create a healthier brain!

Another great solution to improve your brain health is to travel. Studies have shown that we improve neuroplasticity when we encounter new experiences getting out of our routine which allows our brains to adapt and become more cognitive, allowing improving our brain health. Expand your mind today and make plans for your brain-enhancing escape!

The Cleveland Clinic – 6 Pillars of Brain Health: https://healthybrains.org/pillars/

Travel improves brain health: https://adventures.com/blog/brain-magic-with-travel/

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