Improve Wellness Working Remote with Healthy Habits

Wellness Wednesday, Sep. 15, by Michelle Rossow

After over a year of staying at home, you would think we could balance our time and self-care routine along with the many responsibilities that we have daily. However, being home all the time may not feel natural or normal since it is different than how things used to be BC (Before Covid).

Whether working remotely at home or looking for work, this situation can have negative effects on our mental and physical health. The “Covid 15” catchphrase was born out of this era of quarantine weight gain as stress and boredom eating prevailed. Furthermore, feelings of isolation and loneliness along with limited social interaction contributed to the mental health issues we are dealing with, and it continues to be a major concern.

So what can we do to create a healthier lifestyle working at home or on the road? There will be factors beyond our control like when our screen freezes, or the dog barks during a presentation. However, by focusing on things we can control, we can create a healthy balanced routine. Some suggestions are below in the Medical News Today article below. Like all tips on health and wellness eating right, getting regular exercise and hydrating are essential. A helpful recommendation in the article is to use what would have been our commute time to incorporate exercise like walking, or an online workout. Also, try to incorporate using a portion of this time to focus on breathing or meditation to relax and set intentions. Working from home or while traveling our work life can creep into our personal life without boundaries on our time and energy. By setting and keeping a routine for work and personal time with accommodations for the unexpected, we can alleviate stress. Creating breaks within our day and an end time for work allows us to unwind properly to help us stay focused and productive during the workday. This is especially important while traveling as our normal routine is disrupted, so make sure when planning your next trip to allow time for self-care which is easy to forget. For more tips see the article below, including having a good chair as working at the kitchen table can wreak havoc on your body.

By taking care of ourselves with healthy habits we can thrive in our remote work environment, whether at home or traveling on a business trip.

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