Improve Happiness with Compassion for Others

Wednesday Wellness by Michelle Rossow 9/8/21

We have all endured challenging times over the last year and a half. Through this, a few people are becoming less compassionate for others. The anger and frustration are apparent as we read about incidents involving anger directed at our hospitality and service industry colleagues on airplanes, at restaurants, and other businesses. Coming out of the busy travel from the Labor Day weekend, many may have encountered staffing shortages, longer waits, and supply shortages while navigating the ever-changing travel landscape. DCX Safety and Wellness can help you with all this for a great travel experience. In the meantime, be aware of others and the challenges they are facing daily. Whether it is a flight attendant, TSA officer, hotel desk clerk, or rental car agent try to put yourself in their situation to be compassionate. The simple act of a genuine smile can even make a difference.

A random act of kindness to a stranger is a great way to improve your happiness. It costs nothing and can be a simple as smiling at someone and saying good morning or letting someone in front of you in line. This is helpful for work environments as well. At a previous job I smiled and said good morning to everyone, I passed on my way to my office. This put me in a positive mood to start my day. Even if they do not reply, you never know the impact of a simple gesture toward someone else. It may end up as one of the few positives things they experience during a challenging day. For more ideas on how to improve your health with compassion check out the Mayo Clinic article below.

As we head into the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, our minds may conjure up many emotions and memories. However, Sunday, September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement. Let’s take time to think about others and realize that we have the power to motivate, praise, forgive, and show up as a friend which can make a big difference to someone having a tough time. We all have silent struggles, and the National Day of Encouragement reminds us that a simple kind word can give someone the boost of encouragement that they might be desperately seeking. So, reach out today and provide encouragement or pay it forward with a random act of kindness. When we are there for others, it pays back tenfold bringing out the best in all of us!

September is Suicide Prevention month so when you show encouragement and compassion you could potentially be saving a life. What better motivation is there? We can experience the joy of helping others while improving our health. Flex your compassion muscles! See you next week!

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