Get Out to Energize your Mind and Body

Wednesday Wellness with Michelle Rossow Sept 22, 2021

With the explosion of technology and a constant flow of information on the web and social media from messages, videos, and webinars we spend a lot of time with our heads buried in our electronics. The busyness in our minds and fatigue from staring at a screen can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies.

It is time to lift our gaze to the world around us. Look up to see the nature around us by getting outside to ease stress and reconnect. Just a 20-minute walk in a park can make a tremendous impact. During the quarantine, getting outside away from people was a great escape to normality. Being outdoors helps with anxiety, depression, attention, and creativity. Let’s not forget how outside making us feel and incorporate it into our lives to combating stress and fatigue.

Why should we spend time in nature? The article below gives 10 reasons why. While you are working, the article mentioned even if you have a window providing a view of nature can be helpful. I have a big picture of a beach which I glance at for a mental break. Many organizations incorporate outdoor team-building events, golf tournaments, or runs along the ocean into their meetings and events. Being outside and staying healthy are key ingredients for employee and customer engagement for overall wellness.

Whether you dip your toes in the sand or stroll through a tree-lined park to relax and recharge, your mind and body will thank you. Let’s make time to get into nature by heading outside!

Stay well, my friends! Until next week!


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