DealCaptains, Inc.™ Forges Ahead with New Travel & Technology Company


Lisa Simpkins, CTC., CCTE.

DealCaptains, Inc.

DealCaptains, Inc.™ Forges Ahead with New Travel & Technology Company It is a new day in the travel industry as a women-owned business

DealCaptains, Inc.™ continues to grow and forge ahead in the wake of the pandemic that devastated the Travel & Tourism industry. The company has emerged from this crisis by focusing on what they do best – a great customer experience.

Their newly launched DCX Intuitive Traveler Pass™, an innovative monthly membership-based travel solution with no additional fees and expanding into familiar territory with their newly launched line of travel brands complement the business travel services, DCX Brands for Business Travelers™.

In 2022 their DCX Intuitive Traveler Suite™ will hit the market designed to make a traveler’s life easier and productive than ever before, designed for the traveler, and by building a community that will drive business travel into the future. “Why are we still making travelers use terrible tools to book business travel when they already being their journey online at their favorite travel sites,” says Captain and Founder Lisa Simpkins, “access to content is a high priority for travelers and travel managers, there has to be a better way, and DealCaptains is creating it by listening to the voice of the traveler.”

About DealCaptains, Inc.™: The DealCaptains Team is a 100% remote company with a NoHQ policy committed to 100% sustainability and carbon footprint offset. They are also self-funded by employees with preferred stock and actively seek investors to continue their “Blue Ocean” journey.


Contact: Lisa Simpkins

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