Corporations Are Ready To Travel Again – Now What?

We know everyone is struggling with Covid fatigue and its impact on corporations’ travel programs and ultimate productivity. Travel managers are more than overwhelmed with logistics and infrastructure to get travelers back on the road safely. Deal Captains understands this and is offering Air Program Assessments to clients and prospects who want to take advantage of a buyer’s negotiating market with the airlines.

We are seeing dramatic shifts in airline network schedules and capacity. The airlines are struggling mightily to get planes redeployed based on demand and profitability. Regardless of the buyer’s air contract status and return to travel, the elephant question in the room is, “what should you do with your airline contracts?” That is where the Air Program Assessment comes into play. The Assessment will provide tangible and actionable insights for immediate impact on the current program and how to implement those actions with the post-Covid airline landscape.

What you can expect: Utilizing your data the topics covered include:

· Supplier, cabin, and market profiling.

· Business unit or account level comparisons.

· Fair Market Share (FMS) profile by region and supplier and support ratios to indicate possible negotiating leverage.

· Detailed cabin policy data by region to determine potential modifications to policy to drive savings in the organization.

· Inventory purchase profile to uncover potential traveler behavior issues that cost the prospect money.

· Where applicable, assessment of large volume non-contracted suppliers and estimation of potential savings. All results are delivered via PowerPoint or PDF and are accompanied by an executive summary outlining key points.

Contact Deal Captains today to get started with an Air Program Assessment.

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