Be the Boss of Your Emotional Wellness

Wellness Wednesday 7/14 with Michelle

One of my favorite childhood quotes from our family is “You’re not the boss of me!” Taking this command in a different context can help us get a handle on our emotions and overall well-being. How many times have there been situations that we may have overreacted to something purely driven by our emotions rather and logic? Being able to step back and reflect on our emotions, to identify them, and more importantly how they impacted us, and others is a key skill in our self-awareness. Thinking before reacting is a dynamic of emotional intelligence as it enables you to be able to control impulses and off-hand reactionary comments that can be damaging to others and on some level ourselves. As we transition back to the office and traveling, many of us are still anxious and frustrated dealing with a very different environment after being away for so long. Acclimating to gaps in service at hotels or adjusting to a new office environment after working from home these skills are even more important as we adapt to our new normal.

For more strategies to get control of your emotions, see the article from Healthline. One of my favorites is to take a deep breath to calm yourself. What is yours?

How to Control Your Emotions: 11 Strategies to Try (healthline.com)

What is emotional wellness? Emotional wellness promotes a positive outlook which alleviates anxiety and depression. Emotional intelligence is a key quality of successful leaders. According to Psychologist Daniel Golman, there are 5 elements to emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation (control of your emotions), motivation, empathy, and social skills. How can we develop and practice these skills? Pay attention, be more aware of your feelings, and reflect on your emotions. Learn how to really listen not just to words and tones, but to body language and other non-verbal cues, and empathize by putting yourself in someone’s situation. For more information on emotional intelligence and leadership see the Mindtools.com article below:


Why is emotional intelligence /wellness important and how will it benefit us? Our lives are enriched by relationships that impact our life experiences. Part of our journey in life and relationships is to evolve and by focusing on our emotional wellness, we will improve our communication to build stronger relationships and improve our leadership skills. As we get back to the office and set out for business and leisure travel, let’s keep our emotions in check when dealing with others by being empathetic to their situation whether it is being short-staffed at your favorite restaurant or hotel, or if your employer is trying to provide an efficient positive work environment in the office with new policies.

How will you improve your emotional intelligence? Here is an Emotional Wellness Toolkit to get you started: Emotional Wellness Toolkit | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Until next week! Michelle

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