Be Patient to Create Calm and Lower Stress

Patience will help us weather changes as we adapt to new realities of daily life, work, school, and travel. Being stuck in lines, being on hold for what seems like an eternity, or following new protocols to attend meetings or go into the office can be extremely frustrating and make the blood boil. This is not good for our health as it can raise our blood pressure and create stress which can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies.

It is not only being patient with the situation we find ourselves in but being patient with ourselves. If we feel on edge and stressed out, we are more likely to be inpatient. Being patient with ourselves can help us to let go of perceived timelines when we are adapting, learning, or recovering. I have been dealing with this the last week trying to heal from a concussion and realizing it will take time and self-care, which is difficult when you feel the need to be produced daily. Learning to slow down and let healing proceed at its natural pace tests patience.

In the article below, CNN Health reviews ways to develop patience. My favorite tip is realizing there are situations beyond our control and recognizing our emotions with emotional fluency, being able to name our feelings. By recognizing and identifying our feelings, we can take steps to calm ourselves. What tips will you try out to develop patience? We can all benefit from being more patient with each other and ourselves!

There are benefits to being patient. Being mindful to stay in the present can take practice, however, it can lower blood pressure, reduce anger, and stress. The Mayo Clinic article below reviews three tips to learn patience. My favorite is to let go and fill the in-between times to be present and appreciate the moment. Recognizing small moments can distract and calm a busy mind. There are so many opportunities to be patient with others in our daily lives, at the grocery store, in the Starbucks line, or your favorite restaurant remember to wear your patient pants.

Be Patient to Create Calm My Friends. Until next week!

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