Be Mindful to Stay Present

Wednesday Wellness by Michelle Rossow of DCX Traveler Safety & Wellness

When people hear the word mindfulness it can conjure up images of meditating in a beautiful natural setting or cozy corner. However, mindfulness is simply paying attention to what is happening in your mind, body, and soul in the present moment. Doesn’t sound complicated, but it takes a lot of practice to bring yourself into the present with so many distractions. Life gets hectic and at times it takes all your energy just to keep up but stepping away to allow your body and mind time to slow down can help to relax and refocus. There are many kinds of mindful activities that can help reconnect to yourself. One that I use often is walking to clear my mind. I engage my senses allowing myself to savor the scent of flowers and trees. By focusing on my breath and surroundings I can engage in the present moment. Being present is more than just immersing yourself in the sensations of the moment to clear your mind, it also has a huge impact on our relationships. How many times have you talked to someone who may be distracted by their phone or other item stealing their attention? It can be frustrating leading to feelings of disrespect, not being valued, and not being heard. Multitasking is a skill for many to succeed, but it has no place in conversations and building relationships. It steals your full attention making it impossible to be in the moment to actively listen to hear what is being expressed by someone. Mindfulness is important to our mental health as it can help with depression and other health benefits as noted in the National Institute of Health article below.,mindfulness%20can%20lower%20blood%20pressure%20and%20improve%20sleep.

Mindfulness is a work in progress so aim for just a few minutes a day. How do we incorporate it into our daily life? The article provides 5 habits to help us be more mindful. My favorite is to start my day by setting intentions. What is yours?

Reviewing the 5 daily practices from the article, traveling mindfully could also be included. It has been a while since many of us have traveled and so being out of practice is expected. Be aware of the changes in traveling from flying on what may be your first flight for a long time, to arriving at your hotel with limited staff. Ease nerves by taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself. Stay aware of your surroundings and others around you being respectful of others for your mental and physical health, Until next week, stay grounded and be present!

See you next Wednesday!


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