Attitude Of Gratitude

Wellness Wednesday with Michelle

After facing what we all went through last year, it can be difficult to remain positive, much less grateful. However, the silver lining throughout this life-changing time is that we have been provided an opportunity to see our lives from a different perspective. To adapt to this new lifestyle, whether by choice or not, we needed to recalibrate our perceptions to figure out how to do the very things we may have taken for granted. As we are slowly getting back to our new normal, you can feel the excitement and gratitude to get back to those things we missed like traveling to visit loved ones, and going out to dinner. We would not have made a big deal about this a year ago, but our paradigm has shifted.

As we are approaching the 4th of July, what better time to be grateful not only for those who protect us and our freedoms but for being here and present! Taking time in your day to think about, or even write down, a few things you are grateful for can not only start your day on a positive path but can also improve your health and wellness. A daily gratitude practice can boost your immunity, improve sleep and decrease the risk of diseases according to the article from the Mayo Clinic below. The article provides great tips on how to incorporate gratitude practice into your daily life.

I am going to start the gratitude jar! What will you do?


As we slowly incorporate new norms into so many areas of our lives, try not to forget those small daily appreciations that helped get us this far. Whether it is hearing a child laugh, breathing in fresh air from a hike or walk, or listening to your favorite song, keeping those treasured moments and the feelings that accompany them can calm you.

Many are chomping at the bit to get back to travel, yet there is still anxiety and uncertainty among us. While grateful to be able to travel again, it will be different getting there. Great article with the 12 Affirmations for Travel – which can help to calm nerves while being grateful.


Start your day with an Attitude of Gratitude!

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