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DCX Intuitive Traveler Pass™

Purchase a traveler pass for your frequent flier! Their golden ticket to a stress-free corporate travel experience. With options for everyone from the one-time traveler to the true road warrior.

Pricing as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Pick Your Traveler Type

Black and Blue Backpack

Occasional Traveler

1-2 Trips per year

Economy class, domestic/regional, books online, books ahead, no carrier preference, many are first-time travelers, the purpose of travel is project-based, internal meeting or kickoff.


Frequent Traveler

3-5 Trips per year

Economy/occasional business, mainly domestic & regional with some international, books online, a mix of internal & external meetings, 50/50 books ahead/rush booking, shorter trips, some carrier preference.

Hard Shell Suitcase

Road Warrior

5+ Trips per year

Business class, external meetings, high domestic & regional travel, books online, rush booker, points significant brand preference, working in sales & marketing/services & support.

Hard Shell Suitcase

Executive Traveler

Unlimited Trips

C-Suite/VIP Service

Expects high-touch white-glove personal services, consistency, and accuracy. Business-class and first-class preferred. Often working to support Executive Administrative assistants.

Step 2: Pick Your Pass

Navigator Pass

All amenities in Traveler pass + 


  • Online booking tool

  •  Traveler profile

  •  Unused ticket tracking

  • Itinerary library

  •  Quality Control

  •  Visa & passport checks

  •  Trip disruption and traveler tracking

  •  Mobile booking tool access

  •  COVID-19 destination information & security protocols

  • 365 traveler/technical support by email, phone, text, virtual chat, chatbot

  •  Standard reporting

  • High-touch Travel Counselors

  • Live onboarding

  • Pre-Trip Approval

  • Curated Corporate Air/Car/Hotel Rates

  • Travel Program Analytics

  • Global Program Success Partner (designated)

​+ 2 Occasional traveler trips free

Executive Pass 

Our boutique high-touch traveler services, itinerary reconfirmation and upgrades, corporate jet, dinner and conference room reservations, after-hours travel care, full travel manager and arranger support, airport lounge assistance, and more VIP/Executive/C-Level

Private Jet Management
We provide exclusive private aircraft programs and reservations, scheduling, FBO transportation, catering, and meeting room booking assistance.

Unlimited Travel 

Step 3: Create Your Bundle

DealCaptains is the first and only travel company to offer an intuitive, value-based pricing structure. The traditional transactional fee-based model is outdated, cumbersome to audit, and lacks transparency. We're here to make your life easier by providing a better solution.


Our one monthly fee includes everything from flight booking to hotel reservations, so there's no need to worry about hidden fees or after hours charges that can add up quickly. You'll never have to reconcile transactions again because at DealCaptains, there aren't any! 


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It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Optional Add-On Bundles

Customized Bundles

Create your own customized travel bundle today. Our intuitive, customizable products allow you to create a travel pass with the features that fit your travelers needs. The Traveler Pass™ is an easy and cost-effective way to manage your company's travel. Combining the convenience of a single invoice with the flexibility of paying monthly or annually.


The travel pass comes with everything you expect from DealCaptains, traveler profiles, reporting, 365 24/7 support, and best-in-class booking/mobile technology, including NDC. 


Traveler Care Package 

The Traveler Pass™  Care Package program at its core is easy, cost effective and convenient. We provide customized care packages that include personalized meditation practices and healthy lifestyle suggestions for travelers. This health and wellness plan will help you overcome the stress of travel with yoga, meditation tools, live mental health provider services all available online or through mobile phones. 


A robust COVID-19 pre-flight screening, CDC information, testing locations nearby. Counselor outreach 1 wk. before travel to create a "back up plan" for travelers and educate travelers on options, check hotels that offer free quarantine stays test access - where to get it, take one with you.

Global Program Success Partner

Our experienced team starts with a comprehensive travel program review and recommendations that you can implement immediately, with a no-cost consultation. We assist you in implementing traveler training & education, as well as policy and change management. When you become a DealCaptains partner, we will have a single point of contact for both traveler and travel manager.


The Global Program Success Partner is responsible for the end-to-end support and management of customer programs. This includes but is not limited to leveraging technology tools, developing and deploying growth strategies, managing program execution, and contract negotiations with vendors.

Whether you need a single solution or the whole package, we are here to help. Our program partners will provide you with a gap analysis and business planning strategy, quarterly reviews, reporting, and dashboards, including safety & security CO2 tracking.